Oltretorrente is a small, independent, artisanal, family-run, boutique winery set on top of the smooth hills of the Tortona region, in Piedmont.

The Oltretorrente estate covers only 3 hectares where we have been protecting and maintaining very old vines planted even a century ago (vineyards are 15 to 100 years old), in order to make wines that can embody all the history and biodiversity they come with. The vineyards face both North and South and have an altitude of about 300 meters.

The aim is a balance between saving and preserving the legacy old farmers left us and making high quality wines from these old vineyards with an organic approach, which is the best way to express the history, the soil, the identity of this area.

Organic agriculture would allow us more use of copper than what we do but our desire is to approach Biodynamic agriculture and so we are diminishing the quantity of copper per hectare every year (Steiner philosophy has also always been our belief in the fields of human medicine and pedagogy). We have to say that it is not too difficult to follow this way because the area of Colli Tortonesi is naturally quite healthy from vines diseases and with a strong vocation for vineyards production.(OLTRETORRENTE)