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Pop Up
Japanese Wine Bar

- Presented by

Date & Time : 1st May 2017, 2-7pm

Venue : PILLARIWINE showroom

Fee : $30-$75 by the glass(100ml)

Reservation : Not required
ut we'd appreciate it if you can let us know what time you plan to attend.

和飲BUNKA will come to Hong Kong with some of the latest Japanese wines to host an one day pop up Japanese Wine bar at PILLARIWINE on 1st May.

Maybe you have heard of the famous grape "Koshu" from Yamanashi, but that is just a glimpse of many wineries in Japan which are still hidden or unknown to the outside world. Various kinds of grapes from local to popular ones such as Merlot are grown depending on the terroir of the area.

I would love to introduce these wines to you since they are unfortunately not exported due to their limited production, despite their amazing quality.



- 提供予定のワイン -

ヒトミワイナリー Caribou(滋賀)

ヒトミワイナリー Nullus(滋賀)

フジマル醸造所 Oppner Prototype SP(大阪)

フジマル醸造所 Oppner MC Delaware(大阪)

仲村ワイナリー がんこおやじの手造りわいん(大阪)

GRAPE REPUBLIC Frizzante Rosso(山形)

GRAPE REPUBLIC Frizzante Due Naked(山形)

奥野田ワイナリー La Florette Hanamizuki Blanc(山梨)

ドメーヌ・オヤマダ BOW!(山梨)

酒井ワイナリー 尉鶲じょうびたき(山形)

AZUCCA E AZZUCO Quattro Canti (愛知)

BEAU PAYSAGE Tsugane(山梨)

Notice :
* Since we would like to let everyone who is interested to try these wines,
we may ask for you cooperation to make the space available for others after 2 hours of your stay.

* Please prepare your own water if necessary.

* Wines are limited. Max. First come first serve

* 勉強会的なテイスティング会ではありません。いつもの気軽な角打スタイルです。

* 多くの方々にご参加いただけますよう、お一人様二時間迄のご参加とさせていただきます。

* 飲料水がご必要な方はご持参ください。

* ワインには限りがございます。売切の場合もございます。