Successor of Henri Jayer's DNA

Jean-Marie Fourrier is one of the top domaine in Gevrey-Chambertin today and his wine is much sought-after. His wine does not have hardness, its texture is silky, and full of lovely fruits.

Domaine Fourrier began to change dramatically since Jean-Marie Fourrier took over the 10ha vineyards from his father in the mid 90's. He had working experiences with Henri Jayer(legend of Burgundy wine), and Drouhin in Oregon US.

His wine-making is under the influence of philosophy of Henri Jayer "Great wine is born in great vineyards" and he does minimum intervention in the cellar. He says, The wines make themselves. I finished all my work in the vineyards.

Jean-Marie Fourrier

In 2013 and 2014 he has expanded the range of offerings considerably though with several key principles in mind. He explained to me that "first, I only buy fruit and make the wines from appellations that I don't have under the domaine's umbrella. Second, I only buy fruit from domaines who make their own wines from those same grapes as I don't want someone else's cast off production. Third I don't want the total volume from the négociant side to ever total more than 20% of what I make on the domaine side. Lastly, the range of wines will only be between Gevrey and Vosne, which again allows me to monitor the quality of the fruit in the vineyards I'm buying from regularly."