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愛 山 = A I Y A M A 

時は1941年、兵庫県立明石農業改良実験所で「愛船」と「山雄」を交配して生まれたのが「愛山」。山田錦と比べてさらに粒が大きく背も高かったため栽培が難しく、農業実験所でも試験栽培が中止されました。しかしながら、この酒米を気に入った剣菱酒造が兵庫県の一部の農家との契約栽培で細々と愛山を継承し、長年にわたり愛山を独占的に用いてきました。そこへ阪神大震災がおこり剣菱も被災、酒造りも一時中断せざるを得ない状況に。 その後、愛山は高木酒造の手によって再生。多くの蔵が続き、「幻の米愛山」はそのジューシーな甘みで一気に人気の酒米としてブレイクしました。

愛山=Aiyama is one of the most sought after and rare sake rice. This sake rice was born in 1941 as a result of mating between "愛船=Aifune" and "山雄=Yamao". Quality was excellent, but size of grain is even bigger than "山田錦=Yamadanishiki" and tall, so it was difficult for rice growers. 剣菱=Kenbishi liked and has monopolised this sake rice for long time, but 剣菱=Kenbishi was struck by Hanshin earthquake in 1995 and they were forced to stop sake making for a while. Later, 高木酒造=Takagi-Shuzou revived 愛山=Aiyama in 十四代=Juuyondai. 十四代愛山=Juuyondai Aiyama was sensational and a few ambitious breweries are challenging this difficult but juicy sweet excellent sake rice.