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Greetings from Japan. We are "Kuheiji"

Our family started brewing Sake in 1647. I am the 15th generation. Kuheiji, is a family name that was been handed down from generation to generation for more then 300 years. We are proud to have it as the name of our sake. We think of our sake not as a manufactured product but rather as a craft brewed beverage perfected by the insights and the errors of the generations who have come before us. That is the reason why today we make only : Junmai-Ginjou-Shu - premium sake.


The idea behind our Junmai-Ginjou-Shu is to create a beverage that has elegance and tenderness with a hint of nostalgia. Polished, yet soft ; with flavors of ripened fruits as the base and a fresh natural finish. In fact, we would like for you to experience the entire range of tastes. Sweetness, bitterness, saltiness, astringency and also: sourness. Because we think of our sake as being ≪ multi-dimen- sional ≫. And speaking of sourness, I personally believe that, sourness does for sake, what the backbone does for humans -it makes it stand upright.


We recommend you drink our sake either chilled or at room temperature. (Not too chilled though, as you don’t want to lose the ’true’ taste of sake.) Try tasting it over a few days. It will certainly taste different as the days go on but it‘s taste will not deteriorate, as only minimum oxidation will take place.

You can enjoy an opened bottle for an entire week. (note : As with all fermented beverages, carbon dioxide is trapped within the liquid by the pressure of the sealed container. When the bottle is first opened, the pressure is released and the carbon dioxide begins to release, creating a natural carbonated effect.)

(from official HP)