The 107 hectares of the Château Talbot vineyard surround the estate house and stretch north, all the way to the border with the Pauillac appellation. Planted on a terroir of fine Günzian gravel on a core of fossil-rich limestone, which form draining hilltops, one encounters a large majority of red vines (102 hectares) and a small acreage of whites (5 hectares).

Impeccable, the vineyard’s management is one of the Médoc‘s best. The wines, followed up by Nancy Bignon-Cordier, with the valuable advice of enologist Jacques Boissenot and consultant Stéphane Derenoncourt, are consistently rich while remaining extremely elegant. Their open character and well-rounded tannins make it possible to drink them young as well as after prolonged aging. With time they develop a delicate, complex aromatic bouquet with tones of cedar and Havana. (by Chateau TALBOT official page)

At Chateau Talbot we chose to continue vinification operations in wooden vats, as it was done in the past. Our best grapes ferment and macerate under the excellent conditions provided by the truncated, cone-shaped wooden walls and their isothermal properties. Old-stock grapes are put in these wooden vats whose maintenance requires true know-how. Being easier to clean, the stainless steel vats enable better fermentation management and supply wines whose profiles are complementary to those vinified in wooden vats. Thus, we adapt our wine making and maturing modes to each style of grape which Mother Nature provides each year. Using wooden vats does not reflect a choice of prudent conservatism but rather a technical decision. Besides, what could be more evocative, more impressive when visiting an estate than the sight of such a vat house . Last but not least a wooden vat house offers the perfectionist wine-maker various avenues of research, because each vat is unique (type of wood, vat capacity, varying construction for each maker, as well as methodology in their use). All in all, a wooden vat evokes emotion; it will last for several harvests, whereas a stainless steel vat remains ageless.