Domaine Marc Roy is a small familial estate of about 4 ha of vineyards located in Gevrey-Chambertin, (Burgundy). The estate is in the family since four generations, represented now by Alexandrine Roy, Marc's daughter. All the work is made only by the family. They craft distinctive wines in the style of mixture of classicism and modernity. Production is extremely small, but wine is worth to make effort to find.

Marc Roy's vineyards are capable to produces “Millerandage”. Millerandage is a kind of mutation in particular year, and berries are small, with thick skin and without seeds. The wine obtains concentration and complexity. Henri Jayer loved Millerandage so much, and it was one of the secret of his wine. Alexandrine Roy purifies Henri Jayer’s dream, then produces 100% Millerandage wine named "Cuvee Alexandrine" which is the only one in the world.

Gevrey-Chambertin "Cuvée Alexandrine" (Pinot-Noir) : 1,200 bottles

This is a special wine which is made of 100% "Millerandage" grapes. For skilful Burgundy producers, it is very precious and preferable phenomenon. There is a famous story that Henri Jayer loved millerandage so much. Millerandage does not happen every year. So CUVEE ALEXANDRINE is produced in the year which millerandage happened. Marc ROY is the only one producer in in the world.

Gevrey-Chambertin "Clos Prieur" (Pinot-Noir) : 1,500 bottles / 0.27ha

Clos Prieur is located next to 1er cru Clos Prieur and 1er Cru Cerbaudes, and it is also close to Grand cru Chapelle-Chambertin and Mazis-Chambertin. Surface is only 0.27ha. We can find many similarity with Mazis-Chambertin in terms of taste.

Gevrey-Chambertin "Vieilles Vignes" (Pinot-Noir) : 10,800 bottles

Made from 70 years old ULTRA Vieilles Vignes from the vineyards of Carougeot, Vignes Belles, La Justice, Es Murots, Les Crais, Les Seuvrees and Jouise. This wine has great aging potential and typical character of Gevrey-Chambertin.

Gevrey-Chambertin "La Justice" (Pinot-Noir) : 1ha

Alexandrine and her father Marc obtained small vineyard(1ha) of LA JUSTICE in 2010 and 2011 is the first vintage for them. 70 years old vines, and this vineyard is able to produce Millerandage grapes.

Marsannay "Les Champs Perdrix" (Chardonnay) : 1,600 bottles / 0.5ha

Extremely low yield(24-30 hl/ha) produces great concentration and rich taste. Aroma of peach, mango and passion fruits are remarkable.

Le guide Fleurus des Vins, La Revue du Vin de France, Le guide Dussert-Gerber des vins... every French wine guide praises ROY. Those guide book put ROY at same or even higher position than top producers like Armand Rousseau, Dugat-Py, Denis Mortet...etc.

We have checked all current vintages(2004-2009. directly from domaine). Indeed, Marc ROY is something special. If she could produce a bit more, she might be world-wine famous.

Although her wine is "Village" class(no 1er cru, no grand cru), and its style is mixture of classicism and modernity, wine requires 7-10 years cellaring.

Japanese the best wine magazine "Winart N.78" features
Marc ROY in the middle of cover page.

"12 names to watch"
"Rising stars in Bourgogne 2015"

- Score for 2013 vintage -

Cuvee Alexandrine
93 points
Clos Prieur 92 points
La Justice 92 points
Vieilles Vignes 90 points


酒莊﹣馬克·羅伊(法名:Marc Roy) 是一個由小家族管理的葡萄園,約4公頃,位於波納山坡-香伯廷(勃艮第)。這個酒莊已由家族經營了四代,現在是由馬克的女兒-亞歷山大.羅伊打理。由於所有的工作都只由家族負責,因此亞歷山大和她的父母還在工作。她負責的工作是打理葡萄園和釀酒。她的父親也會和她並肩工作,而她的母親雷吉娜則負責葡萄田辦公室文書工作和接待法國客戶。


- 波納山坡-香伯廷的“Cuvee Alexandrine”(黑比諾):1,200瓶
- 波納山坡-香伯廷的“Clos Prieur”(黑比諾):1,500瓶
- 波納山坡-香伯廷的“Vieilles Vignes”(黑比諾):10,800瓶
- Marsannay “Les Champs Perdix”(霞多麗):1,600瓶

由於Marc Roy的生產量是極其量少,因此她在行內的評價很高,葡萄酒鑑賞家也幾乎沒有機會品嚐到Marc Roy。 法國葡萄酒雜誌Le guide Fleurus des Vins, La Revue du Vin de France, Le guide Dussert-Gerber des vins...也給Marc Roy高度讚賞,甚至把她和Armand Rousseau, Dugat-Py, Denis Mortet作出比較。

我們在香港的現有的存貨2006-2009年都是直接從酒莊運送,若果她的酒莊可以生產多一些葡萄酒,說不定現在會更多人認識,成為國際品牌。 雖然她的酒只有村酒(沒有第一級和特級田),而它的風格是古典與現代的混合佳作,仍需要7-10年的窖藏。

What is 100%“Millerandage” ?

CUVEE ALEXANDRINE是由100%“Millerandage”葡萄所釀製而成。雖然Millerandage不太常見,但如果是出自那少數酒藝非凡的勃艮第酒莊,它便變得非常珍貴。最著名的故事便是亨利•賈伊爾是非常愛Millerandage的。順帶一提,不是每年也有Millerandage的,所以CUVEE ALEXANDRINE只在有Millerandage的年份才會生產。 Millerandage葡萄擁有小漿果,漿果皮厚,並含有較多的茶多酚,這種現象往往帶來複雜性和有長期陳年潛力的葡萄酒。除了Marc Roy之外,全世界是沒有人生產“100%millerandage”葡萄酒的,因它在勃艮第的Marc Roy是全世界唯一一個100%millerandage葡萄酒生產商。