4292 HATSUGASUMI 初霞 純米 旨辛無垢 久保本家酒造 奈良県 24BY(2012) 1800ml 4396 GIKYOU 義侠 純米吟醸原酒50 山田錦 火入酒 仕込15号 山忠本家酒造 愛知県 16BY(2004) 1800ml A361 YAHIKO 彌彦 吟醸 弥彦酒造 新潟県 1800ml
24BY(2012) Junmai-shu
Gohyakumangoku + Nippon-bare
Rice polishing rate : 65%

"Hatsugasumi" is a traditional brand of Kubo-Honke Shuzou. The authentic sake made by "complete fermentation" process. Released after several years of ageing period.
Aged bottle. Hyogo Toujou A class Yamada-Nishiki 100%, rice polishing rate : 50% Junmai-ginjou. / Pasteurised, undiluted. Yahiko Ginjou is a classic of this brewery. Ginjou production is one of the most technical way and it is created by combining the best skill of Sake making in Japan. Brilliant aroma, delicate texture, juicy umami followed by dry finish. Locally grown Yamada-Nishiki 100%, rice polishing rate : 55%