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Fukura brewery was founded in 1890, and their sake was loved locally. Unexpectedly Mr. Takamoto Fukura had taken the position of a chief brewer in 19BY(2007) due to the death of predecessor, but that was the beginning of a new chapter in the history of San-in Togo.

Mr.Fukura has reached the method of "Kimoto - No Add Action of Cultured Yeast - Fully Ripened Moromi" today after the trial-and-error period, and its powerful and substantial Sake is able to keep developing even after opening a bottle.

Once the bottle leaves the hands of Mr. Fukura, he doesn’t know which direction the sake will go, but this sake is nearly unbreakable, so we can play it in any way. This sake possesses a great flexibility.

While he has established the method of natural sake making, he released a new line - Bupposou(Yamadanishiki in 28BY, changed to Gouriki in 29BY) which is made from organic rice from Ida-farm. Fukura brewery is of course improving rice quality too, to the quest of truth of Sake.

San-in Togo is like a gemstone. Firstly, many kinds of labels are presented which are combinations of rice varieties(Tamasakae, Gouriki, Yamadanishiki etc), unpasteurised or pasteurised, undiluted or diluted, dry or sweet, and clear or cloudy. Once we get some of them, we have a choice of drinking immediately, ageing for a while, or ageing after opening a bottle(no fridge required). Finally, we enjoy imagining how to appreciate - drink cold or hot, with soda, on the rocks... and thousands choices of food matching.
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4144 TOUGOU 山陰東郷 生酛純米にごり 玉栄 +10 原酒 福羅酒造 鳥取県 28BY 1800ml
: HK$480.00
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4144 TOUGOU 山陰東郷 生酛純米にごり 玉栄 +10 原酒 福羅酒造 鳥取県 28BY 1800ml

創業明治22年(西暦1890年)。初代為次郎(ためじろう)による自家醸造から始まり大正に入り現在地・鳥取県東伯郡湯梨浜町松崎へ。「福羅」の「福」の文字は縁起が良いということで、昭和初期ごろまで、「福泉(フクイズミ)」、「福牡丹(フクボタン)」の銘柄でも販売。 地名の東郷(現湯梨浜町)に因み、銘柄を「東郷」と命名し、後に「山陰東郷」と改名。地元に愛される酒を造り続けてきましたが平成19年2月に多久和杜氏が急逝。残った蔵人で18BYを造り上げ、翌19BYからは蔵元・福羅隆元氏が製造責任者として酒造りを引き受けました。



山陰東郷最大の特徴であり魅力をひとことで言い表すなら「原石」。まず、原料米(玉栄・強力・山田錦) x 生・火入れ x 原酒・加水 x 辛口・甘口 x 清酒・濁り、の組み合わせから造られた多彩な選択肢が用意されており、それを手にしたら、すぐに飲む・瓶熟させる・開栓熟成させる、という道があり、さらにひやで飲む・燗付けして飲む、ソーダで割る、そしてジャンルを超えた様々な食べ物との組み合わせ、と瓶を手にした者には自分で考えて酒を仕上げていく楽しみがあります。