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A347 ABEKAN 阿部勘 純米吟醸 蔵の華 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 0108A 720ml A394 ABEKAN 阿部勘 純米吟醸 雄町 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 0110A 720ml A312 JINSEKIKOUGEN 神石高原 生酛 純米酒 三輪酒造 広島県 0107A 720ml
Junmai Ginjou made from Kurano-hana, the Miyagi high quality standard. Very delicate sweetness of rice followed by beautiful sharpness. Kurano-hana is a improved varietal based on Yamada-nishiki, born in Miyagi Furukawa agricultural experiment station in late 80's. Polish rate : 55%
Omachi from Okayama 100%, Rice polishing ratio : 55% Junmai Ginjou. Usually the sake made from Omachi has wild and robust character, but Abekan's Omachi is refined. Clear, smooth and classy. No doubt, it is one of the most beautiful Omachi by another interpretation of nature of this historical sake rice. The Terroir Saké. This project is focucing on 100% Junseki plateau where the brewery is situated. Nakate-Shinsenbon Rice from local farmers, water from Jinseki, brewed by artisans in Jinseki. 30BY was made by Kimoto and first lot had been released as 3U version. Now this pasteurised "complete" version has just been released.

A346 ABEKAN 阿部勘 純米吟醸 亀の尾 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 0108A 720ml
Junmai Ginjou version of Abekan made from "Kame-no-o", one of the rare and revived sake rice varietal. Clear taste and smooth texture with rich body. Polish rate : 55%