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A393 ABEKAN 阿部勘 純米吟醸 亀の尾 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 0110A 720ml A247 SHIKINOMATSUSHIMA 四季の松島 吟醸 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 720ml A395 HATSUGASUMI 初霞 特別純米 久保本家酒造 奈良県 29BY(2017) 720ml
Junmai Ginjou version of Abekan made from "Kame-no-o", one of the rare and revived sake rice varietal. Clear taste and smooth texture with rich body. Polish rate : 55% Beautiful Ginjou for Sushi and Sashimi, from Abekan Shuzou Brewery. Authentic! 29BY(2017) Tokubetsu-junmai

"Hatsugasumi" is a traditional brand of Kubo-Honke Shuzou. Mr.Kato(Toji) has expressed the balance between richness and sharpness. It's a great model of the authentic sake made by "complete fermentation". Released after several years ageing period. Good for room temperature and Kanzake(warm/hot). Gohyakumangoku and Nippon-bare, rice polishing rate : 60%.
6389 SARATTO36 さらっと三十六人衆 純米吟醸 出羽燦々 菊勇 山形県 1800ml A312 JINSEKIKOUGEN 神石高原 生酛 純米酒 三輪酒造 広島県 0107A 720ml A360 KOSHINOHAKUSETSU こしのはくせつ 大吟醸 弥彦酒造 新潟県 720ml
Summer release Saratto 36 people. Dewa-sansan, Rice polishing rate : 55% Junmai-ginjou. The Terroir Saké. This project is focucing on 100% Junseki plateau where the brewery is situated. Nakate-Shinsenbon Rice from local farmers, water from Jinseki, brewed by artisans in Jinseki. 30BY was made by Kimoto and first lot had been released as 3U version. Now this pasteurised "complete" version has just been released.
The ultimate authentic Daiginjou. All the elements are integrated well at the high level, it possesses strength and beauty. Locally grown Yamada-Nishiki, rice polishing rate is 40%. Unfiltered, pasteurized in the bottle and aged under low temperature. 全ての要素が高次元で均衡する、力強く美しい大吟醸酒の傑作。弥彦村産山田錦を40%精米、無濾過、瓶火入れ、低温貯蔵。
A093 SHINRAI 神雷 青ラベル 純米酒 千本錦 三輪酒造 広島県 720ml 4545 KOSHINOHAKUSETSU こしのはくせつ 越乃白雪 特純辛口 弥彦酒造 新潟県 1800ml 5952 KAKUREI 鶴齢 純米吟醸 越淡麗 青木酒造 新潟県 1800ml
"Rich flavour of rice with cool sensation". This blue label is the most important work of our brewery and this is the style of Shinrai, said Mr.Miwa. Fine umami, smooth texture with calm and clean-cutting. The authentic Sake in a style of absolute perfection. Made from Senbon-nishiki of Hiroshima, rice poilishing rate is 60%.
地元・弥彦産越淡麗を用いた純新潟酒、「特別純米」をさらにブラッシュアップ。きめ細かく柔らかな質感に、スッキリとキレのよい後味を際立たせた辛口。冷酒はもちろん燗をつけるとこれまた旨い。ぬる燗がおすすめ。大人の酒呑みの方へ。 新潟県産酒米・越淡麗を55%に磨いた純米吟醸。巻機山の水と地元の米、まさに新潟を表現した鶴齢を代表する一本です。越淡麗のもつ繊細さやソフトな感触を丁寧に引き出し、米の旨味だけを芸術的に表現しています。