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A172 KAKUREI 鶴齢 純米大吟醸 越淡麗40 青木酒造 新潟県 720ml 5812 KAKUREI 鶴齢 特別純米 爽醇 青木酒造 新潟県 R2BY 720ml A009 BOKUSHI Black Bottle 牧之 限定 大吟醸 青木酒造 新潟県 1800ml
Locally grown Koshi-Tanrei 100%, rice polishing rate : 40%, Junmai-daiginjou. Refined, smooth texture, rich umami in a resolute manner. 爽醇(=so-jun, refreshing and mellow) is a Kakurei's summer edition. Kakurei's artisan team packed richness in lightweight body with smoothness and refreshing finish. Locally grown Koshi-Tanrei 100%. Rice polishing rate 55% - Tokubetsu-Junmai. The highend model of Daiginjou-Sake which is made by very best of the artisanship of Aoki Shuzou. Hyougo AAA Yamadanishiki 100%, polish rate 37%. It offers ultimate authentic style. Produced one tank only and entries to Sake competition. Originally 牧之 限定大吟醸、牧之 限定大吟醸 生詰原酒 and 鶴齢 純米大吟醸 山田錦37 are same, but different finish.
A831 KAKUREI Super Dry 鶴齢 純米超辛口 原酒 青木酒造 新潟県 R2BY 1800ml A269 ABEKAN Goldfish 阿部勘 純米吟醸 金魚 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 R2BY 1800ml A342 YAHIKOAIKOKU 弥彦愛國 純米吟醸 弥彦酒造 新潟県 720ml
Summer Edition. Super dry finish, but rich umami makes good balance with its sharpness. Serve well chilled or you can put ice cubes. Miyama-Nishiki from Nagano, rice polishing rate : 60%.
It's a goldfish bowl filled with Junmai-ginjou! : Abekan cool summer limited edition "Goldfish" is made from Kuranohana+Sasanishiki, 55% rice polishing rate. Aged under -5℃ from winter time and now all the elements are well integrated. Smooth, dry, light yet tasty - what a nice bottle for cooling off on hot summer days! Soil, water, air, rice(Aikoku), yeast and people - 100% made in Yahiko. And label is drawn by local calligrapher one by one. Aikoku is a rice varietal which had been grown in Meiji era. Aikoku doesn't fit today's trend of market taste, but it had possessed many charming points which today's sophisticated sake rice lost.
A695 ABEKAN 阿部勘 純米吟醸 ALC13% 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 720ml A247 SHIKINOMATSUSHIMA 四季の松島 吟醸 阿部勘酒造 宮城県 720ml A310 SHINRAI 神雷 黒ラベル 純米吟醸 千本錦 三輪酒造 広島県 720ml
Abekan's new concept. Authentic style yet light and comfortable with lower alcohol level. The sake was aimed to be finished at 13% Alcohol since the basic design phase. The R1BY genshu(raw) was Alc.15.8% and had been aged at -5℃, and then it was adjusted to 13.8% just before releasing. Locally grown Hiyori, rice polishing rate : 55% Junmai-ginjou. Beautiful Ginjou for Sushi and Sashimi, from Abekan Shuzou Brewery. Authentic! Locally grown Senbon-Nishiki, rice polishing rate 55% Junmai-ginjou. Clean and delicate Ginjou Aroma, sophisticated  umami and sharp dry finish. The sake is bottled and aged for one year at low temperature after brewing, then finally released. Well integrated and focused.
A360 KOSHINOHAKUSETSU こしのはくせつ 大吟醸 弥彦酒造 新潟県 720ml A093 SHINRAI 神雷 青ラベル 純米酒 千本錦 三輪酒造 広島県 720ml 5806 HOUKEN 宝剣 純米吟醸 廣島八反錦 湧水仕込 宝剣酒造 広島県 720ml
The ultimate authentic Daiginjou. All the elements are well integrated at the high level. This sake possesses strength and beauty. Locally grown Yamada-Nishiki, rice polishing rate is 40%. Unfiltered, pasteurised in the bottle and aged under low temperature. "Rich flavour of rice with cool sensation". This blue label is the most important work of our brewery and this is the style of Shinrai, said Mr.Miwa. Fine umami, smooth texture with calm and clean-cutting. The authentic Sake in a style of absolute perfection. Made from Senbon-nishiki of Hiroshima, rice poilishing rate is 60%.
Locally grown Hiroshima Hattan-Nishiki 100%, rice polishing rate : 55%, Junmai-ginjou.