From ancient times the Bea family have followed the philosophy of maintaining the balance between man and the seasons of Nature. Also observing the phases of the moon, natural processes, and respect for the natural habitat. This route has enabled us to meet aother winemakers who hold the same values. In 2004 Giampiero, together with Angiolino MAULE (Veneto), Fabrizio NICCOLAINI (Toscana) and Stanislao RADIKON (Friuli) founded the GRUPPO ViniVeri (now Consorzio ViniVeri): a movement of thought which aims to meet Winemakers united by the common belief of extracting wine by natural processes without contamination and homologation.

Our constant commitment is to maintain the best balance between the natural processes and the actions of man without use of chemical synthesis to force stabilization and accelerate the readiness of the wine for drinking.

We aim to recover the freedom of making wine with the taste of the earth from which it comes, according to the idea of assisting Nature and not dominating her. The alternative is a mad illusion. Day after day we seek to distinguish the best partnership between modern methods and nature - The wealth of experience of the family, and the memories of the older winemakers, observation of nature and respect for the phases of the moon, all help us in our work. We are aware we must live with globalisation, but want to avoid homologation that represents the alienation of man himself, If humanity doesn't want to make an irreparable error of stripping the real identity it must learn to respect and maintain the diversity.

People are influenced by their culture and surroundings and if we do not respect this the winner will be the phenomena of globalisation itself. Every place has its traditions, habits and tastes. But Tastes of what? When we arrive in a land that produces food, we gather a bit, smell it, and if possible taste it in our mouth-discovering that every place has its own different and unique taste. Every land provides food for those who live there. The taste of every food is characterised by the mineral and the physical structure that composes the land, the climate and the orografy, the terroir or better still 'le gou de terroir' or the taste of the place of production.

To maintain this simple but precious balance nature must be observed, listened to, integrated and not dominated. In the last 158 years agriculture has had to confront the necessity of reducing the hard work in the fields and industrialisation. From this come advantages and many positive aspects through which we have increased benefits for the land. Now, however, it is necessary to ensure we maintain the healthy balance between the ambiance, technology and science. We are convinced that technology and science can help man but this does not mean having to substitute essential processes and properties of nature, properties that are irreplaceable are essential to maintain the equilibrium formed over millions of years. It is important to observe the reaction of nature each season and keep to a minimum treatment of the vineyard.

MAKE NOTE of the weather of the seasons to understand the territory and the cycles of nature

LIMIT TO a minimum the treatment in the vineyard

TRUST TO nature the transformation of the grapes into wine

AVOID whenever possible the actions of man do not dominate nature. In synthesis our idea of production is take care to

RESPECT nature, contributing with our work to maintain the equilibrium between flora and fauna of the original land

SAFEGUARD the taste of the land avoiding the use of chemicals to synthesise in the vineyard and cantina

PAY ATTENTION to the cycles of nature without haste, avoid every artificial acceleration

PRODUCE sound products for our health

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