The domaine’s history begins in 1880 in Savigny les Beaune. Great Grandfather Simon Bize owns a few vines; it was a difficult time in the viticultural world where all work was done by hand. 1918, Grandfather Simon Bize takes over and is able to purchases some new parcels. Horses and the arrival of new agricultural materials make vineyard work less difficult. 1950, Father Simon Bize is instrumental in the transformation of the domaine. An excellent winemaker, he decides to market his own wines, believing in the personal relationship between ‘winemaker and consumer’. His know-how allows him to establish a network of private customers and gastronomic restaurants. The quality of his wines is recognized and appreciated by wine connoisseurs.

1972, Patrick Bize accomplishes his father’s projects. He builds a vinification facility (cuverie), expands the cellars and purchases new parcels, permitting him to propose an extended range of wine to the public. Sadly, Patrick Bize passed away suddenly in 2013 but his work is continued by his wife Chisa and sister, Marielle Bize-Grivot. In fact the Chief wine-maker Guillaume Bott who was scouted by Patrick Bize from Etienne Sauzet has supported quality of domaine since 2002. (*Besides Guillaume Bott is a partner of Tomoko Kuriyama for CHANTEREVES) - So spirit and quality of wine of Domaine Simon Bize is guaranteed and nothing changes.

The key of high quality is low yields - often around 30 hl/ha. Whites are aged in between 15%-30% new oak for 6 months-12 months. Reds are aged in little to no new oak to preserve the typical aromas of the delicate Pinot Noir varietal. The oak barrels vary in age from one to six years old. Wines are neither fined nor filtered.

Another domaine’s particularities is to work with whole clusters or partial whole clusters, based on the appellation and the vintage, which yields elegant wines of great finesse. This practice is same as DRC, Prieure Roch, Dujac etc.