Thibault Liger-Belair

Another Liger-Belair Thibault is a cousin of Louis-Michel, based in Nuits-Saint-Georges. This rising star of classic style burgundy goes on winning with irresistible force. Les Saint Georges is under the process of promotion to be Grand Cru by Thibault.
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The generous and mouth coating medium weight flavors possess solid intensity before terminating in a lingering and naturally sweet finish that evidences a touch of stems though only a trace of austerity.AM91

I consider that quality is achieved firstly in the vineyard by an attentive cultivation: The Domaine applies ‘organic’ cultivation, controlled by ‘ECOCERT’.

These types of cultivation are a first essential requirement for quality, imperative if one wants to produce high-class wines ‘Organic’ cultivation demands that we closely observe the vine’s productive cycle and are responsive to its needs We observe the sky, the cycle of the seasons, moon cycles and even planetary cycles. It brings an intuitive comprehension of the vine’s growing cycle and allows us to do the right thing at the right time. Thus, the vine is the intermediary between the soil and the sky, it creates and nourishes its soil in this living environment around the roots. The exchanges between the biology of the soil and the roots and foliar system of the vine allow the expression of the soil in the grapes. «... My role is well a role of listening and observation. My responsibility is to meet the needs of the vine and to help it to carry out all its natural potential: to require of it to produce exceptional quality grapes in limited quantity... »


« I could explain you with difficulty my method of vinification, because it is different each year. The only common point remains that it is necessary to have an irreproachable sanitary grapes and especially to be very delicate in all the operations with the vine and the grapes. I don’t look to extract but rather to infuse... The less we maltreat the grape, the better the wine will be. To produce crus of great purity, without artificial means or abusive extraction is my aim »

I do not wish to establish "signature" wines or develop a "house style". Instead my aim is to let the individual terroirs speak out clearly for themselves.

Also, at the Domaine we do not have a fixed method of wine making. We adapt each year in accordance with the quality and characteristics of the new vintage. The only common point is to have the grapes in an irreproachable, healthy state and be be very delicate in all operations during vinification. With healthy grapes and strict sorting, 80% of the job is done. After that it is about knowing to extract without force and avoid ever maltreating the grape. We avoid as much as possible the pushing down of the ‘Chapeau’ and limit the pumping over of the must. We look to take what the grapes naturally wants to give. In this way its natural potential is best realised.


The wines are aged on their lies between 12 and 18 months, depending on the ‘Appellation’ and the particular properties of the vintage.

For the wooden barrels, two dedicated coopers are employed by the Domaine. We make a strict selection of wood according to texture and origin. We impose a three year period of drying before use. In this way, the wood is perfectly dry and allows us to obtain delicate and silky tannins. We avoid ever to have wood or vanilla flavours entering the wine. . The wooden barrel is necessary to mature and enrich the wine, never to add flavours on its own accord. We never use more than 50 % of new barrels in the aging of my wines, but the older barrels never have more than three vintages passed through.

During the whole process of vinification, ageing and bottling we never ‘fine’ or filter the wines to preserve the integrity of their structure and their natural flavours.