Today Maria and Sepp Muster is well known as a leading wine producer from the birth place of Biodynamic farming, Austria. Maria and Sepp Muster took over 10ha estate in Styria from his parents in 2000. They implimented biodynamic farming to their vineyards and certified by Demeter in 2003. It was not to difficult for them because no herbicides or no pesticides had ever been used there before. The vineyards are located 450m asl and formed of rocky clay, silt and limestone soils. This type of soil is known as “Opok” in this region.

In order to preserve the vitality of the grapes, Maria and Sepp see themselves more as "companions" of the process than winemakers. They adhere to their motto of Less is more. "We focus on letting the wine transform itself. This tradition gives the wine room to express itself and makes the use of chemical additives almost unnecessary" said Muster. All ferments are spontaneous, no sulfur added(or very little). Wines are bottled without fining or filtration.