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Aube 100%, Bio 100%, Brut Nature
Mono-cépage, Mono-Millésime
Nothing added, Nothing removed.

Clandestin(=hidden, secret) is a new Champagne made by Bertrand Gautherot of Vouette et Sorbée and a young talented wine-maker Benoît Doussot(24 years old in 2019). Benoît was born in Bourgogne and studied wine-making since his 16 years of age, and after the experience at some famous domaines in Meursault, he launched Champagne Clandestin with Bertrand in 2015.

They source the grapes(biologic certified by ECOCERT only) from their place = Buxières-sur-Acre in Aube, the southern part of Champagne. Needless to say Bertrand is very familiar with these terroirs with his Vouette et Sorbée. Historically most of the growers in Aube has been selling grapes or juice to big negotiants in Marne, but Bertrand and Benoît are trying to make them aware of its great potential of the Aube terroir through Clandestin. They encourage those growers to vinify the wine by themselves finally, this is also the big mission of the project of Clandestin.

Clandestin is made based on format of Aube 100%, Bio 100%, mono-cépage and mono-Millésime. Les Semblables is made from 100% Pinot Noir and Les Grandes Lignes is 100% Chardonnay, characterized by rich and lively fruit tastes with minerality, wrapped by smooth and fine mousse. Harvested by hand, natural fermentation(nothing added, nothing removed), and the wines are aged in the barrel for 15 months. It's a Brut Nature(zero dosage).