A901 DOMAINE DE LA CRAS MARC SOYARD BOURGOGNE ROUGE COTEAUX DE DIJON 2019 750ml A866 ZELIGE CARAVENT VdF ALCAZAR 2019 750ml 6153 KAKUREI Raw 鶴齢 純米酒 山田錦65 生原酒 - unpasteurized/undiluted - 青木酒造 新潟県 R3BY 1800ml
Perfumy, pure, and delicate Bourgogne Rouge. Pinot-Noir from over 30 years old vines(biologic). Partially whole bunch, semi-carbonic fermentation. Fermented by indigenous yeasts, minimal SO2 added. Unfiltered, unfined. Grenache 50% and Alicante-Bouschet 50%. Structured and tannic among the series of 2019 Zélige-Caravent. Young Alicante-Bouschet makes its character. Kakurei never stop. Vivid fresh aroma and soft yet multi-layered rich umami built-in stylish body. It's a very sophisticated unpasteurized/undiluted saké. Yamada-Nishiki 100%, rice polishing rate is 65%.