4142 SAN-IN TOGO 山陰東郷 生酛純米 玉栄60 +16 原酒 福羅酒造 鳥取県 28BY(2016) 1800ml 6013 KAKUREI Raw 鶴齢 純米吟醸 五百万石50 生原酒 - unpasteurized/undiluted - 青木酒造 新潟県 R4BY(2022-3) 720ml A651 LA FERME DE LA SANSONNIERE(Mark ANGELI) VdF ROSE D'UN JOUR 2020 750ml
Kimoto Junmai / Local Tamasakae 100% / Rice polishing rate 60% / Yeast No.7 / Undiluted and pasteurized / Alc.19 / Nihonshu-do +16 / Acidity 2.2 / 28BY(2016) / Release Date : 2018.11 [Limited Brewing, unpasteurised, undiluted]

R4BY : Possibly the best ever Kakurei Gohyakumangoku 50. Kakurei Limited Brewing Series #2 is Gohyakumangoku 100%, rice polishing rate : 50%, Junmai-Ginjou. It's a RAW type: Unpasteurised and undiluted. Sweet aroma, round attack, fresh, rich, and mineral on the palate, and sharp dryness in the finish.
Rosé d'un Jour is made from 40 years old vines of Grolleau Gris 95% + Cabernet Sauvignon 5%, with residual sugar. Another masterpiece of La Ferme de la Sansonniere. The most fascinating Rosé wine on this earth.