A827 YAHIKO 彌彦 大吟醸 弥彦酒造 新潟県 720ml 4975 TOUGOU Cloudy 山陰東郷 生酛にごり 玉栄 +8 原酒 福羅酒造 鳥取県 29BY(2017) 1800ml A312 JINSEKIKOUGEN Kimoto 神石高原 生酛木桶仕込 純米火入酒 三輪酒造 広島県 R3BY 720ml
Premium Daiginjou from Yahiko-Shuzou. Locally grown Yahiko Yamada-Nishiki 100%, rice polishing rate : 38%, Daiginjou. Unfiltered, pasteurised in the bottle and aged under low temperature. Kimoto Junmai Nigori(=Cloudy) / Tottori Locally grown Tamasakae 100% / Rice polishing rate 60% / Yeast No.7 / Undiluted and pasteurized / Alc.18 / Nihonshu-do +8 / Acidity 2.1 The Terroir Saké. This project is focusing on 100% Jinseki plateau where the Miwa-Shuzou brewery is situated. Hattan-Nishiki Rice from local farmers, water from Jinseki, brewed by artisans in Jinseki. It has been made by Kimoto since 30BY, and fermented in wooden vats since R3BY. The first lot was released as a RAW version and now the complete version has just been released.