6493 SUIRYUU 睡龍 生酛純米 久保本家酒造 奈良県 22BY(2010) 1800ml 4758 KIMOTONODOBU 生酛のどぶ 仕8号 +14 久保本家酒造 奈良県 R3BY(2021) 1800ml B092 DOMAINE DE SAINT PIERRE(FABRUICE DODANE) ARBOIS SAINT-PIERRE 2020 750ml
22BY(2010) Kimoto Junmai-shu
Rice polishing rate : 65%

The combination of the process of complete fermentation and a long lapse of time makes this unparalleled Kimoto Junmai-shu. The bottle is released after long ageing period - 6 to 8 years, sometimes over 10 years. It has beautiful amber colour and superb purity.
R3BY Tank No.8

Nihonshu-do +14 / Rice polishing rate 65% / Yeast No.7

"Kimoto-no-dobu" is an ultimate kimoto cloudy sake made by complete fermentation process. Creamy, pure rich umami with refreshing dry finish. Serve chilled, on the rocks, with soda, and kanzake(warm - hot).