4757 KIMOTONODOBU 生酛のどぶ 仕7号 +11 久保本家酒造 奈良県 R3BY(2021) 1800ml A835 SHINRAI Cloudy 神雷 純米酒 限定濁り酒 三輪酒造 広島県 720ml 4292 HATSUGASUMI 初霞 純米 旨辛無垢 久保本家酒造 奈良県 24BY(2012) 1800ml
R3BY Tank No.7

Nihonshu-do +11 / Rice polishing rate 65% / Yeast No.7

"Kimoto-no-dobu" is an ultimate kimoto cloudy sake made by complete fermentation process. Creamy, pure rich umami with refreshing dry finish. Serve chilled, on the rocks, with soda, and kanzake(warm - hot).

Limited edition "Junmai". Locally grown Hattan-Nishiki 100%, rice polishing rate : 60%, Junmai-shu. This cuvée is produced small volume and is distributed to the only a few agents in Hiroshima and Hong Kong.
24BY(2012) Junmai-shu
Gohyakumangoku + Nippon-bare
Rice polishing rate : 65%

"Hatsugasumi" is a traditional brand of Kubo-Honke Shuzou. The authentic sake made by "complete fermentation" process. Released after several years of ageing period.