B098 LE DOS D'CHAT(FABRICE DODANE) ETOILE VIN JAUNE 2015 620ml 4292 HATSUGASUMI 初霞 純米 旨辛無垢 久保本家酒造 奈良県 24BY(2012) 1800ml A856 BRUNO CIOFI(BERET ET COMPAGNIE) VdF ZE CHENIN 2020 750ml
Vin Jaune - Aged in the barrel 6 years and 3 months. During long ageing period, there is no adding, no racking. The wine obtains concentration and complexity, remarkable walnuts, spices and Sherry-like flavor. This wine has long life. It can last 50 years and more. 24BY(2012) Junmai-shu
Gohyakumangoku + Nippon-bare
Rice polishing rate : 65%

"Hatsugasumi" is a traditional brand of Kubo-Honke Shuzou. The authentic sake made by "complete fermentation" process. Released after several years of ageing period.
Biologique Chenin Blanc 100% in dry style. 50% from Schiste + 50% from Tuffeau(Loire Valley's local limestone).