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4618 HIKOMAGO ひこ孫 純米吟醸 小鳥のさえずり 神亀酒造 埼玉県 720ml
4618 HIKOMAGO ひこ孫 純米吟醸 小鳥のさえずり 神亀酒造 埼玉県 720ml

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The first "100% Junmai Brewery" after WW2
The most important brewery and the pioneer of Junmai-shu movement

Shinkame Brewery founded in 1848, end of the Edo Period. The shop name at the time was the Iseya Honten. In 1987, the brewery switched all of Sake to be made into Junmai-shu. The first "100% Junmai brewery" after the world war II. Shinkame Brewery has lead today's Junmai-shu movement as a pioneer since that time. Shinkame is the most important brewery in the scene of Junmai-shu movement.

The name of "Shinkame" came from "the tortoise of the divine messenger" that lives in "Tenjin Pond" which was once behind the cellar of brewery. "Hikomago" means Great grandson, it is a brand name of Sake that has undergone ageing for 3 years or more.

Shinkame brewery has been seeking for only good rice. When they had started using organic Sakamai(rice for sake), the fermentation process and the life force of Sake were totally different. "Good Sake comes from only good rice - we recognized this fact again, said Mr. Ogawahara.

Another important factor of Shinkame is maturation. The Sake called Shinshu made in winter time is fresh and we enjoy refreshing young taste in the spring. The sake will mature though the summer to autumn, and will increase the width and thickness to the taste. Usually Shinkame Brewery gives at least two years for "Shinkame" and three years espacially for "Hikomago" to age. And then we will be able to appreciate its round, deep, precise taste of Sake finally.

Hikomago Junmai-ginjou "Twitter of a little bird"
ひこ孫 純米吟醸 小鳥のさえずり

This is a special version of Higomago, made from organic Yamada-nishiki from Tottori Tanaka Farm(Eco Farmer certified). Rice polishing rate 50% Junmai-ginjou. Released after at least 3 years ageing. Soft and gentle mouthfeel with hidden strong grip. Hot sake around 55 degrees from normal temperature is recommended.

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