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B191 SHINRAI Raw Kimoto VOYAGER シンライ 生酛仕込無濾過生原酒 三輪酒造 広島県 1800ml
B191 SHINRAI Raw Kimoto VOYAGER シンライ 生酛仕込無濾過生原酒 三輪酒造 広島県 1800ml

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シンライ Voyager
酵母無添加生酛仕込 無濾過生原酒
Shinrai Raw Kimoto Voyager

The Voyager program is an American cosmo scientific program that was launched in 1977. Two robotic interstellar probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 had researched Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The Voyagers are still in operation past the outer boundary of the heliosphere in interstellar space even today.

Miwa-shuzou started R4BY with yeast mash No.1 made by Kimoto by ambient yeasts. Mr. Miwa regards his Sake brewery as a micro cosmos with full of floating native yeasts. They set off on a journey to seek unknown ambient yeasts... Miwa crews brew Sake in galaxy.

Shinrai Voyager is the sake born from yeast mash No.1. Locally grown Aki-Sakari 100%, rice polishing rate : 65%, unpasteurised.

Miwa-Shuzou is located in a deep mountain in Hiroshima - 500 meters above sea level - cold climate and pure water makes exquisite Saké. 神雷 = Thunder God, its sound "Shinrai" also means "Trust" in Japanese.

Authentic Series : This artisanal craft Saké has beautiful structure, all these elements : umami of rice, fresh acidity, and delicate aroma are well integrated by 12 months ageing in their cellar. Then bottles are released when they reach the perfect condition.

Seasonal Limited Edition : Miwa-Shuzou releases seasonal version of various Saké such as freshly brewed in winter, autumn release etc. Miwa-Shuzou slices their Saké from different angle with different timing to appreciate full potential of Saké.

Jinseki Kougen : Saké from the terroir. This project is focusing on 100% Junseki plateau where the brewery is situated. Nakate-Shinsenbon Rice from local farmers, water from Jinseki, brewed by artisans in Jinseki.

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